Regional monitoring following Niger’s coup (5 August 2023)

🇳🇪 #Niger – Regional monitoring following Niger’s coup, as of 5 August 2023.

🔸 As reported by Wassim Nasr, Niger’s junta held talks with 🇷🇺 #Wagner representatives in Bamako to discuss a potential deployment in Niamey.

🔸 Bazoum is calling on the 🇺🇸 #US to halt the coup.

🔸 🇳🇬 #Nigeria has cut off its electric supply to Niger, as part of the ECOWAS sanctions. As a result, parts of Niamey are facing blackouts.

🔸 🇫🇷 #France and 🇮🇹 #Italy completed their evacuations. The 🇺🇸 #US and the 🇬🇧 #UK partially evacuated their embassies.

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