Visual Solutions for the Humanitarian and Security Sectors

Bringing Insight to Conflict Zones Through Detailed Maps

Hello! I am Jules Duhamel, an independent cartographer and geospatial analyst specialised in armed conflicts and political violence. I provide data analysis and high-quality visuals to NGOs, private companies, academics, and the media.

With five years of experience in the field, I have developed a strong understanding of the humanitarian and security sectors, which brings a unique perspective to my cartography work.

I am also proficient with industry-standard software, such as QGIS, Adobe Illustrator, and PowerBI. With thousands of hours of practice, I can create tailored visuals and maps that will meet your specific needs.

I can also easily collaborate with your team in both French and English.

Customised Visual Solutions

Transform Your Data into Insights

Whether you need to create risk maps, get a comprehensive security overview of a specific country, region or area, or to enhance your analyses, I can assist in creating the best visual possible for your organisation.

From initial concept to final design, I collaborate closely with you, ensuring that each map is a perfect fit for your needs.

I can leverage your proprietary data, as well as use open-source datasets to create the perfect visual for your organisation.

Visualising Knowledge

Transform Your Publications with Informative Maps

By placing data in a spatial context, maps elevate traditional narratives and offer a more intuitive understanding of complex issues. They capture attention, enhance understanding, and convey the urgency and importance of your publications. They can also help decision-making, and enhance your advocacy efforts.

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