Niger: Regional monitoring map (10 August 2023)

🚩 The ECOWAS orders the deployment of its standby force “to restore constitutional order in Niger”. Still unclear what it implies yet.

◽️The Associated Press reports the junta threatens to kill Bazoum if a military intervention is conducted.

◽️ 🇺🇸 The US expressed concern over Bazoum’s health and safety.

◽️🇳🇪 The junta appointed a new government, naming 21 ministers, among which 6 military officers.

◽️🇫🇷 France strongly rejects the junta’s accusations of having “freed terrorists” in Niger.

◽️🇳🇪 The junta accepted to meet two envoys from the ECOWAS and 🇳🇬 Nigeria on Aug. 9.

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